Our History

‘Your House’ was an idea created several years ago by author/entertainer and motivational speaker, David Carruthers, who lives in the beautiful ‘FOREST CITY’....London, Ontario, Canada. His dream was to make Your House a unique, fun and interactive place, where people of all ages could come together to discuss life, as well as other important issues around the globe. Not only was the goal to sell countless cups of coffee and delicious food items, David's dream was to sell millions of inspirational items to help kids/youths to succeed in their daily lives. Thanks to David meeting his good friend Neaz Adnan, a business professional, ‘Your House’ is closer than ever to opening its doors to helping Kids and Youths Under 1 Roof, with his innovative idea of making it as Social Purpose Corporation.

We then hit a few road blocks along the way, but thankfully Neaz Adnan and David Carruthers remembered more amazing people from their past. They knew the new additions to their team would help build an even stronger foundation. The Your House’ team would be an unstoppable force, showing all kids/youths that they can achieve anything in life, with love, faith and imagination.


Our team stands for others and wants them to realize that no dream is too big…..endless possibilities happen when you help others and never stop believing in YOU!
Your House Social Enterprise Inc. is Proudly Made In Canada. Our virtual doors officially opened on December 16th, 2019. We have dedicated Your House to all children and youth....past, present and future.

"Never stop believing in you because there are endless possibilities when you do."
- David Carruthers