Mission & Vision

We hope to create a world free of negativity, boundaries, discrimination and violence .We provide a safe platform for All kids and youths where they can soar. It’s our hope to help bring Smiles , Happiness & Joy to millions of Kids & Youths around the Globe!

Dalia Paradise Program! It is our ongoing project in which we want to build the world as a self-sufficient village, which will be a home and place of peace for kids and youths. We will enhance their life with the power of humanity. We will help them to choose their career paths what they dream for until each of them becomes self-sufficient in their lives, They will guide us to build a better world.


Our activities

Life Quotes

  • "Dream bigger than a giant and your imagination will sprout like a beanstalk."
    David Carruthers
  • "Just before the door of greatness opens, there is a door of darkness and impossibility."
    N.M. Adnan
  • "Faith is a never ending road that leads to greatness."
    David Carruthers

Our Partners